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2021-04-01 | 2313 Hit

Korean Cultural Centre India is holding 6th Korea-India Friendship Quiz Competition.

The Korea–India Friendship Quiz Competition aims to spread awareness about Korea and its diverse facets among school students, leading to greater understanding of the nation, its people and its interaction with India over the years. It will help expand and enrich

the youth’s awareness of Korea and its position in the Asian and global context, such that India’s future citizens are better sensitized to it.


The questions will focus on various interesting aspects of Korea, including the following:

People of Korea, history & culture, traditions, arts & literature, science & technology, entertainment, sporting achievements, education, famous personalities, events

Land & geography, natural resources & heritage, wildlife & nature, travel attractions & tourist destinations, cuisine & food culture

International relations, current affairs, ties and links with India: people-to-people, cultural, diplomatic, commercial, educational



The competition will be held in 3 (three) levels:

Level 1: Individual level online tests on quiz website

Level 2: City level quizzes on videoconference

Level 3: National level quizzes on videoconference


Level 1: Individual level online tests on quiz website

Across India, schools are being invited to register students from Classes 7 to 12 for this exciting national quiz.

The website is available for all students to register. Once registered, students can take the preliminary online quiz

on the same website. Every student will get two (2) attempts at the test, which will be timed for each player. In each school, the student with

 the highest score in the shortest time will be declared the winner and will qualify for the city quiz round.

※ The schools taking Korean Language class will be allowed to 6th class.


The online quiz will be open for participation from 1 April 2021 to 30 May 2021.

Every school winner will receive a cash prize of INR 250.

Every student who completes the online quiz will receive a digital Certificate of Participation.


Level 2: City level quizzes on videoconference

Winners from all the schools in and around the focus city will be invited to take part in a live preliminary quiz via Zoom. A meeting will be set up, and the students will enter the meeting room at the prescribed time. They will be given a set of 15 questions, which would be displayed, one by one, on the master shared screen. Players will have to submit their answers in writing through the chat mechanism. Once the question is displayed and read out by the quizmaster, the players will be given the signal to start answering the question. A timer of 15 seconds will be initiated, and at the end of the allotted time, the stop signal will be placed. All answers submitted within the START–STOP lines only will be accepted for evaluation.

 At the end of the preliminary test, or different iterations thereof should the number of players demand it, the chat content will be downloaded and used for correction and allocation of marks to the players. There will be no negative marking in this round.


The top 10 scorers in each city preliminary test will be invited to join the meeting for the City Final. In this quiz, the players will be shown two number grids, each with 12 numbered tiles. Players will be asked to choose – one by one – a number from the grid. The tile will lead to a connected question, which could be plain text or visual still or a visual connect. A correct answer will score points, either on the direct, or on the pass. There will be no negative marking in this quiz. At the end of the two rounds of quizzing, the winner will be identified on the basis of score, and will qualify for the national quiz.


The city quizzes will be held from 12 June 2021 to 23 July 2021.

Each City Champion will be awarded a cash prize of INR 10,000.

All city-level contestants will receive digital Certificates of Merit.


Level 3: National level quizzes on videoconference

The national quizzes will be held in a set of three videoconferences on Zoom. The 20 winners of the city quizzes will be sorted into two groups, one for each national semi-final. Each semi-final will comprise two grid-based rounds again, each grid having 12 tiles. After the semi-finals are over, the top four players from each will be selected for the National Finals. The national semi-finals would be held on 26 and 27 July 2021.


The National Finale, to be held on 30 July 2021, will comprise three rounds of quizzing. Two would be grid-based, as in earlier rounds, and will lead to a high-octane rapid fire question round where each player will be given 30 seconds to answer a set of 5 questions. Here a correct answer will win them points, but a wrong answer will lead to a penalty, costing them points. At the end of the quiz, the 4 students with the highest scores will be adjudged the National Champions.


The national semi-finals will be held on 26 and 27 July 2021.

The National Finale will be held on 30 July 2021.

The National Champions (top 4 scorers in national finale) will win free trips to Korea.

All national-level contestants will receive digital Certificates of Honour.



Here is a list of online resources to which the quiz contestants can refer, to find relevant and updated information on the subject and its various aspects:


For the level 1 round

Primary source : “Korean Cultural Centre India” website, “About Korea”


For the level 2, 3 round

Primary source : “Facts about Korea” book published by Korean Culture and Information Service

Secondary source : Korea Tourism Office website



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